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The finest in Italian cashmere yarn

customer quoteThis yarn has a beautiful drape. The twist is nice and even, the color saturation is even throughout and the yarn is extremely soft to work with. It holds up well to a gentle frogging. The yarn blooms a bit while working with it, but I think the resulting halo is a nice added bonus! Overall, I really like this yarn!
- Cheri in Michigan

customer quoteThis yarn was AMAZING to work with - soft, soft soft. Was not spiltty nor fuzzy so it made tinking back a few stitches smooth. I love the way this yarn glided through my fingers and it felt as if the shawl was knitting itself. Amazing!!
I really can not say enough about this! Try it and you will LOVE it!! Absolutely one of the best cashmere yarns out there.
- Ali in Ontario


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