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DSK Body Care Brands

LOGIN or APPLY today! 

Join the exclusive group of retailers, groceries, pharmacies, hospitals and specialty shops that carry DSK Body Care Brands! Apply today and don't miss a great opportunity to carry top-selling products with best in class margins!

DSK Body Care produces hand-crafted soaps and lotions using natural, sustainable, high-quality ingredients.

Made in the USA and sold under 3 brands.

Our Brands: 

✓ Cashmere Bath - our classic, best selling brand. 
✓ MANSCAPE - our exclusive men's collection. 
✓ Blue Sea Body Care - our coastal brand. 

Blue Sea Body Care

Blue Sea Body Care
A coastal brand

Cashmere Bath Co

Cashmere Bath Company
Our signature brand


Our exclusive men's brand

From vibrant pop displays to compact shelf inner sleeves, our attractive products will drive great margins!

Cashmere Bath counter display
Cashmere Bath Gift Sets

Our unique seed paper packaging and high-quality products will lure the savviest of shoppers!

Are you struggling to find the time to make soap for your shop? Or maybe you're just tired of the process? Let us take care of it for you!

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