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About Cashmere Bath

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In 1999 two Cincinnati sisters, Kim and Shelly Decker, discovered a passion for making soap. It began when Kim started looking for remedies to cure her dry hands, and her quest led to countless time spent researching ingredients, experimenting with soap combinations, and discovering the perfect blends for natural, handmade soap.


While Shelly thought she was crazy for being SO into soap making, she eventually tried her hand at it and became hooked as well. As a means of bonding and also as a stress reliever, the two sisters made soap and sold it at local festivals for many years before deciding to take on sales at a larger level. In 2009, the sisters moved into their first production facility as they began selling to local grocery stores and gift shops.

Kim and Shelly continue to spend countless hours researching and experimenting with ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. Their passion for high-quality ingredients and their sisterly bond keep them on the path of producing naturally healing bath and body products.  Currently Kim and Shelly along with their family, continue to manage Cashmere Bath and serve hundreds of stores nationwide and internationally.  Operating out of southwest Ohio, their sustainably-conscious factory produces thousands of bars of soap and bottles of lotion every month. 

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