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Gift & Specialty

Beautifully Packaged for Boutiques & Specialty Shoppes

Cashmere Bath's gift centric products are beautifully packaged, making a dramatic impact to your shelves and an ideal choice for any store looking to maximize their profits.

Decorated Streets


Our top items are Cashmere Bath floor displays.  For boutiques and specialty shops, the floor display structure offers the most product in the smallest footprint, measuring 1' square and 5' high.  A combination of 2 displays will allow for a wide range of products. These 2 items are most often purchased together and placed side by side and make a beautiful presentation.

Soap + 2 oz. Lotions Floor Display

12oz Lotions + Gift Sets Floor Display

These displays are perfect pairings for shops looking to maximize their margins in a small footprint!

Best Seller!

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Men's Line Displays

Counter Displays

Gift & Specialty Best Selling Products